Hardcore Japan X Moonlight Runners Car Meet

Hardcore Japan X Moonlight Runners Car Meet

February 21st, 2018

Hardcore Japan X Moonlight Runners Car Meet

Jun-Ichi from Hardcore happen to arrived to the USA for the Formula D event for Irwindale Speedway. Presenting The Pandem Rocket Bunny Datsun 620 Truck at FD Irwindale on Friday giving what is the taste of 80s bosozoku style.

Raw Hardcore and original.

Moonlight Runners is a young group of guys Inspired by the Japanese outlaw and gangster style that where this has originated from.

Keeping their style underground and in their group having about a dozen people. This meet was setup for a last minute for Jun-ichi of Hardcore Tokyo.

We arrived just on time for having people rolling up and getting the PA lively and drawing a crowd from the FD crowd.

Jun-ichi is talking to the moonlight runners and showing and explaining some history about the style of bosozoku and what is happening in japan~.




This 80s corolla Livery made this shouting TRD old school!

Giving the FC3S some love , dont get to see them often now and days~

Tons of classic Japanese cars showed up for the meet and still seeing alot of the older models of cressida driving around as a daily then a show car.

This Bn Sport Toyota Cressida MX83 was an eye catcher and not a hard parker. This one going sideways as much as possible.


One of the nicest Celica supras to show up and very well crafted!


During the Event we had a Tailgate sale of hardcore gear at the meet, for the other people who couldn’t make it out to Irwindale speedway.

This lexus IS300 had a itasha style and feel to it. Brings out the otaku in the owner and showing a USDM take on this.

Cars just kept rolling into the midnight and just before the cops decided to shut it down. that was the perfect time to leave to finish off the night!


Many thanks for the moonlight runners to get this meet setup with along with many others to make it happen !

we will most likely setup a new meet in 2018 on Friday night during Formula D long beach.

to keep the tradition of it going!

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