Super Street Tech Day 2017

February 15th, 2018

Touching back From last year in April , Going towards back to Los Angeles for the Super Street Tech Day. It was hosting at the Peterson Museum. One of the biggest events of the year and its doesnt disappoint. Full house of magazine worth cars and features from years prior.
Super Street Tech Day

Before that , we had to travel from Northern California to get there. Hahaha. But , Around the Bakersfield area in California , there is a small tourist spot for traveling by and can get a good rest area and have a country side feel of western cowboy scene. Couldnt resist but to take a few pictures at The Red Barn.

Having made to LA and some down time . I meet up with Jofel of Super Street and hanged out before the event. There was a local 86  meeting in Cheritos at the 86 Cafe. Doesn’t mean theres alot of 86s but it was awesome to be able to get some views before the event.

Following day , We made the drive to Petterson and more then likely the first people there besides the SS crew and photographers.

Traveling up to the Top, Where the action will soon be unfolded, gonna be a crazy day. Many Well known cars/shops and also car crews, to builders and just dropping by and setting up for a meet up. Once was a tech day for Formula D cars is more towards a full show and Meet inside a parking garage at the Petersen museum

Previously had Tony from Z day back in march hosting Z-day Brought out his z34 wrapped car .

Had the old school Japanese car crews rolling in from Hakosuka to Rx-3 Rotary powered cars rolling in.

One of the iconic cars From the fast and furious movie series, was this s2000 in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Kept in well pristine condition at the Petersen museum. Tons of Highly historic cars are stored at this museum with modern builds to legendary award winning race cars are displayed here.
The parking garages were so packed , everyone started to park on the Streets and cops were there to control traffic and setup road blocks to prevent any more congestion.

Each Level was extremely packed but along that there was tons of rare and fully modified cars that was well setup. To the average joes in their daily vehicles.

This Nissan Skyline R34 decided to show up late , even without a wash , this car still eye candy for the crowds.

It was a great event to show up to . Thanks to Jofel for the VIP parking . Looking forward to showing up maybe this year in 2018 ..

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