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Autofashion USA X Squad One after SEMA 2017 Pre-meet

December 10th, 2017

From Coming after the last day of SEMA there a tradition that autofashion USA has with after SEMA . Leaving on a Saturday morning in Vegas wouldn’t been enough without showing up for a Friday night meet up.

Eariler from full day from SEMA and SEMA ignited and exiting parades on friday at Las vegas.

VIP cars coming from out of state or locals , sets a Night meet for all cars to be welcomed.

Autofashion USA X Squad One

Autofashion USA

Alot of the more popular Chassis to see was the Lexus and Toyota cars rolling in for the meet. Very well executed and also showing up for a pre meet was great to see SEMA display cars driving in and also a couple on trailers.

Many of the locals also came in and joined in for this meet up.

Rolling up you first see the slammed and Camber out Honda EF in Coupe and hatchback versions.

Toshi From J-Attitude magazine also was in for the autofashion USA meet. Flying in from Japan for SEMA , this was also  his stop afterwards before going back to LA

Thanking Cary for Telling me on the last minute for this meet . He had to leave before heading out to San Diego for Autofashion USA car show the next day.

Having to take pictures of the many Lexus and Toyota cars, there were also other variety of cars showing up

Gladly was able to see this meet from this year. Will be coming in for next’s years SEMA 2018 again!


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