Dublin Mazda Meet

Dublin Mazda Meet 2017

November 9th, 2017

Geoff Roark of Roark Motorsports invited me to this Mazda meet he was going to.

Hosted in Dublin at the Mazda Dealership and its a yearly event since 2013. Alot of the local guys in Nor cal drop by with anything Mazda. One of the Main Managers runs a RX-8 Road Race spec car and brought the okay to make this event happen for the local people to drop by for the festive.

Geoff was unloading his Bridgeport Turbo Rotary FC3S used for competition. Livery was done by Dennis of SSworxs. using an Aim9 wing board and Car Modify Wonder Rear Canards. Ecu management is a Haltech boosting 400HP.

Dublin Mazda Meet

We came in early and some of the workers Parked where the Meet will be held at.

One of Geoff Customers Rolled by with a Bridgeport Mazda Rx-7 FD3s.

Pandem Rocket Bunny F3DS Rolling up to the meet.

Besides from the dozens of Rx-7s there had to be a few classics Rx-2s and Rx-3 coming in.

This Miata

This Rx-7 was LS powered and nicely done with the Kouki 2000 front end conversion.

Wasn’t able to see through the event for the Awards and exhaust contest. but its a great event if your a die hard Mazda fan! look forward to their 2018 Meet next year

until next time-

SSworxs Deni

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