Formula D Irwindale Speedway 2017 Saturday

November 8th, 2017

Saturday Event is the Main Event of Formula D coming in on the Morning. We were able to catch a Couple shots for the soon to Be Packed Stands later that day.

Autocon also came in for the event and brought in alot of the nice Show cars. Displaying from the event, tons of very nice stance and shiny cars besides from the action at the HOUSE of DRIFT.

From the other side of the Car show we had tons of booth cars  Displaying from the event and from breaks and half time there always crowds roaming through to get free Items or a T-shirt that may not come next event.

International Drift Rental and DEE of ssworxs at the booth before the crowds starting coming in!

Alot of walking from these events this , having a skateboard or bike handy is a must for big events like FD Irwindale!

From the Track side you can see the outskirts from the track

People continued to come into the event for to watch some action from Top 32.

MASA from IDR/ STF Garage Busy tending to Customers and passing out flyers!

Asuka was Very popular getting to be able sign autographs and having her picture taken with fans. 

One of the Most Craziest things to do is Bring your SEMA display car built for next year and bring it the following day for the Last round. Kristaps bluss wouldnt want to drive the event without a fight being 4th place in the standings. His E92 Eurofight is full carbon Kevlar body and Equiped with a Mast Motorsports 427 Naturally Aspirated Engine with 900HP

One of the coolest guys out there is Matt Field equiped with Front Car Modify wonder Front Diffuser and 50mm Front GT S15 Fenders. Rocking a Super charged Vortex V8 LSX

Matt easily won to be going to the Top 16

James Deane Put one for the Books for winning the 2017 Formula D USA Championship !


Closing In on the Day Irwindale Speedway is always one of the best rounds. Sadly this will be its final FD event.

Fireworks Shooting out during the top 16 ceremonies! 

Jun-ichi taking a photo with a hardcore fan and supporting gear.

Asuka Giving out a Sticker and Swan origami

During the final Hours , all the vendors were cleaning up and Formula D top 4 was closing in.

Certainly there will be a new venue to replace for 2018 and it would be good to see it shine as great . It wouldnt replace what history Irwindale Speedway have gave us in the past and D1Gp starting from in the USA. From Next years Scheduling it would go towards Las Vegas!

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