Modesto High School Lecturing

SSworxs Joins Modesto High School Lecturing Auto Shop

September 14th, 2017

SSworxs at Modesto High School Lecturing Auto Shop Students

Ssworxs team members met with Regional Occupational Program (ROP) students and Regular Students attending Modesto High School on Friday morning to educate them about the inner workings of the combustion engine.

The Ssworxs team visited each ROP classroom, and spent between five and 10 minutes explaining how combustion engines help move the modern world.

Dee Mendoza at Ssworxs, says that young people should understand how their vehicle’s motors operate. The basics of the engine relates to all aspects of any cars from Lamborghinis to Dodge Caravan.

“Even if they’re not going to be mechanics, it’s still important for them to have general knowledge of a combustion engine,” he explains. “In the auto parts industry, to mechanical engineering all of these basic knowledges of the engine relate to these major careers.”

The Ssworxs team introduced themselves and talked about their successful automotive careers, informing students about how they could break into the industry.


Students were taught about the various career fields that they could pursue in automotive industry, and given advice on how to open a pathway to a successful mechanical career.


Also Explaining the end results of Ssworxs team demo cars, of how long it took to the end result to show in detail how these cars are completed.

“There are a lot of career paths within the automotive industries, all of which require basic mechanical skills,” says. “The earlier that kids have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with an engine, the better.”

Ssworxs is a locally owned and operated Modesto business that has been serving the community for 14 years. The company is a premier online retailer for car parts. They provide customers imported  Japanese race auto Parts, specialty car components and their own in-house line of aftermarket race car parts.

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