Thank you for your interest in SSworxs LLC  Performance Products, sponsorship program.
You may send in a formal proposal to our Email at
. Each Sponsorship is handled by a case by case basis. We do not sponsor full teams at this time.
Please follow the below information for us to accept your proposal.
A sponsorship proposal should include several key criteria for serious consideration: * Your compete contact information (you would be surprised at how many people leave this out) *
A brief introduction of yourself and/or your company or team
* Vehicle make, model and year
* Vehicle engine combination, including hybrid set-ups
* Aftermarket products currently on your vehicle
* Aftermarket products planned to be added to your vehicle
* Current sponsors (Ideally they should be non-conflicting to SSworxs)
* Photos of the vehicle (engine, front, profile and overall, including any applicable detail images)
* List of past projects and referrals
* Event attendance schedule
* Confirmed upcoming media coverage, including media contact information
** Request of what exactly you wish to obtain from SSworxs
*** What you can offer SSworxs in exchange for our support. (Also Stickers Size, Location) (driving around town with a sticker and telling you friends will not be sufficient, sorry) The above-mentioned criteria should be presented in a professional, easy-to-follow format.
We receive a large amount of proposals, so a professional presentation will ensure that your proposal is adequately reviewed. All proposals must be mailed in.  Proposals will be accepted by email.