SSworxs Fender Flare Instructions

Thank you for your Purchase for the CNC machined SSworxs Flares.

A little about metal Flares VS Fiber Glass. Metal Flares are Stronger and can flex side to side and just like your cars Body is made from Metal and is the stronger choice for long lasting Flares.  Fiber glass requires more prep work and will crack generally with the slightest impact. We have tested these Flares in Japan and now in USA base sports cars for Circuit to drift drivers. Extremely lowered cars can appreciate this as the flares have not out side Lip like factory cars and car turn with out problems. Professional ASE Certified metal auto-body shops are HIGHLY recommended for a Perfect look and Safe Install. Failure to do so can result in injury or death.


!!SAFTY FIRST!!- Always wear gloves and safety glasses! These are Metal flares and you can get cut!

This is a Guide to installation for your flares BUT its not limited to the only way.

SSWORXS SSworxs-350z-REar-Fender-Flares SSworxs Fender Flare Instructions Metal Over FRP

  • When you open the box you will see the flares in a raw state. The back side in label “Back side” and will be the non visible side when installed.
  • Shaping the flares is rather easy. Start with ONE flare and do a front then a back flare (one side of the car ONLY) explained later on why. We have used a few ways with no special tools needed to achieve the flare look.  This is where the installers can ‘Make” the closest decided shape  to your  tire and wheel combo UNLIKE  Fiberglass units they are Pre-molded and you’re stuck with the shape!!
  • In Japan – Germany and now in the USA we use more and more metal flares to contour to the cars body more easy and custom fitted to your wheel combination . The way to shape the flares is method #1 is the wheel and tire that will be used on the car can be used to give the shape of the flare by ‘Rolling’ the fender flare on top of the tire(the wheel of course need to be off the car) rolling the fender flare back and forth with “curve” the fender flare to start a initial roll. This can be done side to side take your time this isn’t a How fast can I do this job.  Patience will get the shape you want.



  • Meathod#2 you can use your thigh with working  pants on and gloves on as well for safty  you can center the flare and start from the middle to ‘SLIGHTLY” roll it back and forth on your thigh then move more out words left or right and do the same  , take your time this ISNT a race . Perfection will come from doing this in small increments.  The MORE aggressive the Rolling would be for wider tire or lower offset cars. You can always start with a small roll and then put in on the car for a visual and clearance to the tire. NOW remember we said do a front flare and a back flare? Well  once on side of the car is done  go ahead and use your finished flares pick front or back and get one flare and STACK them together and REPEAT the same  Rolling method you chose to get the desired Curve so Both side left and right Match perfect!
  • Once you have achieved the roll you like and the tire clearances is there go ahead and match it body of the car. Tape is recommended to hold the flares in place and install both front and back.
  • When all flares are finished and you have tape them to the car and like the curve you made NOT only is this a unique look its CUSTOM tailed to go with your cars set up this is #1 reason Overseas custom shops offer this but since all is made including the flares the price is VERY expensive as a result. So we made all SSworxs products manufacture in USA and CNC machine cut for perfection.
  • The final install is to attach them to the car this can be made in several ways and will cater to a RACE look with Rivets  to attach (we advise use Sealent like seam sealer and will have a nice seal look SAME method used by World known RWB Porsche installer Nakai-San ) or a production car OEM look (tack weld then body work them in smooth) WHICH IS  OUR #1 recommended method way. The choice is yours and you are not limited to just this. Body Shops are Highly recommended for a Perfectionist look and nothing else.

SSWORXS ae86-fender-flare-5 SSworxs Fender Flare Instructions Metal Over FRP




SSWORXS Datsun-521-Truck-Rear-Fender-5 SSworxs Fender Flare Instructions Metal Over FRP


A few tips- make sure the fender flares are painted or coated with a sealant to protect them from rust on the upper and lower side to prevent rust.  When installing then we prefer the flares to get as floes as possible to the bumper side or the fender lining to the body for the factory curviness of the body can stay. 4 door cars for the rear we advice to tack weld and smooth in for the BOSO flares.

We have plenty of flare pictures on our website  and for questions email us at and we will be happy to help you any time! Thank you again