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Why we choose AIM9GT ??

SSWORXS img_2812 Why we choose AIM9GT ?? SSWORXS Updates  z day california z day tomei tokyo SSworxs San Francisco International Auto Salon Rocket Bunny R35 GTR n style customs KRC Japan imsa g35 coupe fairlady z evolution X tomei Evo X Dyno tuning classic cars cars and coffee Car modify wonder bmw mercedes amg m3 335i 3 series. 5 series m6 rocket bunny liberty walk dtm gumball ferrari gtr bmw Bimmer aim9 GT aim9 fenders acura nsx 911 Porsche Cayman 996 997 991 986 987 350z 2jzgte 180sx 13b

Chasis Mount wings spoiler hood vents

Infiniti G35 Full Build with a Toyota 2jzgte!

SSWORXS g352jzget-1 Infiniti G35 Full Build with a Toyota 2jzgte! Car Feature  SSworxs infiniti g35 coupe Dyno tuning 2jzgte

We havent be posting as often but we like to keep on updating with this latest infiniti g35 with 2jzgte VVTI . Currently Running Aim9 Low Mount GT Wing looking very nice! This Powerhouse is Running about 550whp with a Big gt35 turbo from Precision Turbo. and Our SSworxs 2jzgte Engine hooks   setting up Fuel maps and […]