Thanks To Wiki How To  Clean -Care – Polish Your Stainless : how to clean stainless steel
FIRST of all Know what NOT to use and READ ALL ………
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Skip products with chloride. Products with chloride in them can be harmful to the surface of stainless steel, particularly brushed stainless steel. Therefore, you should avoid cleaners with bleach when working on these surfaces.
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Avoid oven cleaners. If the area is extra greasy , you might be tempted to use an oven cleaner. However, oven cleaners are too abrasive for brushed stainless steel, so avoid applying them to this surface.

Using Simple Solutions


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Use dish soap and water.
One way to keep your brushed stainless steel sparkling is to wipe it down often with a little soap and water.  Wipe off any soap when you’re done, though, as you should only leave water on the surface.
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Try vinegar. Vinegar is a good natural solution for brushed stainless steel. Use a spray bottle to apply white vinegar to the surface. Follow up with a soft cloth, such as microfiber, always wiping in the direction of the grain.
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Apply baking soda. Baking soda can remove tough stains, such as Oil, Grime ,Sticker residue . Use a soft wet rag to scrub with the baking soda, then wipe the baking soda away with a clean rag. Follow the grain.
  • You can also mix baking soda with dish washing soap to make a paste and use that to scrub the surface.

Maintaining Brushed Stainless Steel

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Rinse the surface after using a cleaner. No matter what product you use, make sure you rinse it off when you’re done. You don’t want any product to sit on the surface of the stainless steel, as it could damage the surface over time.
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Dry the surface thoroughly. When water is left on brushed stainless steel, it can leave water stains on the surface. Therefore, use a soft cloth to dry off the water when you’re done rinsing.

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Add an oil for polish. Mineral oil or olive oil are a good choice for this step. Oil helps polish the steel when you’re done cleaning. It also protects the surface. Rub a little oil on with a soft cloth, making sure to wipe off any extra.

You can use an oil any time you clean your stainless steel, particularly if you’re deep cleaningSSWORXS aid8782017-v4-728px-Clean-Brushed-Stainless-Steel-Step-15 How to Care for your Stainless Steel Product

Stick to one cleaner type. You may be tempted to switch cleaners based on what’s cheapest or what you have on hand. However, when it comes to stainless steel, it’s best to stick to just one cleaner over time, as you won’t have cleaners working against each other.