Z-Day California 2018

Z-Day California 2018

May 18th, 2018

Returning From Last Year from 2017 .

We Came out for Z-day California event in Atascadero , CA for this years 2018 event.

this time we brought out only the Mercury Z demo car.

Driving here is always a fun ride through mid california venturing out about 4 hours from modesto it was a steady ride for a low car.

Start of the day ,

people come to this event prior on friday and spend the extra time to relax instead of driving out one day from Saturday morning!

This 2jz Powered 300zx is no joke and with a single turbo. it is such a cleanly swapped car!

It be Nice to see more 300zx swapped cars in replacing the VG30 engine.

Each Year the 370z chassis is starting to pick up and more people are starting to modifying them and getting the next gen Fairlady.

There was a long Line at the booth for tickets, signing up and Tee shirts!

Weather was pretty muggy and started to sprinkle here and there.

beside the gloomy weather this Datsun 240z LSX powered car , wasn’t fazed by the weather!


This is a time attack vehicle for many scca events and he also battled out for the LSX fest in las vegas!

this is also a street vehicle no need for smog!

A good amount of Z32 Cars were around and thats a good thing to say , The fairlady Z is still widely popular from old to new!

A variety of Clean cars and retro modded s30s


This turbo L series engine was a site to see and up and running! also still in the datsun 240z car

Couldn’t help but notice the variety of pin up models wrapped in the back of this car!

alot of people around california gathered for this event . Northern and southern california!

Was an honor to see this lady having this car in mint condition and kept the original records of this pristine 240z , from the very first day of this car life . dont get to see that now and days.

Chris forsberg was guest at Z-day! bringing his demo car for this was very cool to see and always a fan favorite to enjoy seeing the pros out here and talking to fans and car guys alike.

Towards the End, Tony was announcing one of the staff birthdays and giving everyone a group photo! Great to see tony put up a awesome event for everyone to enjoy! thank you for your hard work!


Awards were given out , Tons of smiles from this event , despite the rain everyone still had a great time!

Until next time ~

SSworxs Staff

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