Aim9 GT on Supra MK4 Japan

Recently we had a customer from Saitama Japan get close to finishing up his Daily Driver Circuit Machine  mK4 Toyota supra with a few parts like the Aim9 GT wing stands bumper-less look over 300kmp approx or 200mph the hiways playground.

SSWORXS img_9903 Aim9 GT on Supra MK4 Japan Blog  SSWORXS img_9902 Aim9 GT on Supra MK4 Japan Blog

These units come powder coated, with 2 matching powder coated 40″ bars that Bolt on the  stands side to side in the middle.

They can be it cut smaller to size for different applications we recommend a trusted fab shop to do this in your area .

The stands feature a “quick release” adjustment  Patent Pending design.allowing the wing boards to be adjusted without the old mutual drilled stands that bitingly and it look a bit ugly but the fiction is un-matched to AIM9 stands.

The units also have a built in lower bracket so the red for extra mounting brackets is a thing of the past!

The mounting hole are slotted to give you side to side and a “yaw” adjustment as well. The bolts are” Head less” and can only Be removed from the inside making it a sleek look and a first of its kind design.

The stands have a extra machine hole to add adjustable rods ( not included) sold in

5″ ( extend up to 7.5″) or a 10″ (extend up to 12.5″) these are aim9 exclusive GT Rod designs . All hardware and products are race tough tested with the easy of street style appeal . No compromise .

Material/Color- Powder coated Matt black Steel formed stands .

(100% CarbonFiber available for the Ultimate performance)