AIM9 GT Low Mount

A design since 2010 that now is offered on our product line from AIM9 GT This compliments any car that is a streetcar to a track without being over-the-top get giving an aggressive appearance . The product is included with all mounting hardware it is a powder coated hard unit out of steel this will not bend like other units do while racing or driving in the wind this is a tough solid unit that will last a lifetime .To purchase please visit SSWORXS website .

It is offered in two versions a 90° and 110° slant mounting ,this will ensure  you to fit just about any trunk on a car as some cars the trunk shape would be 90° and others are 110 for example the Nissan 240SX or Nissan Silviahas 110° but when you get two other cars they use the 90°

SSWORXS img_1441 AIM9 GT Low Mount Blog
Here is a picture showing on professional driver Ryan Rasberry Formual D USA race car.

SSWORXS img_1378 AIM9 GT Low Mount Blog
This Nissan 180sx in Japan would have to use 110° AIM9 GT low stands

SSWORXS img_1313 AIM9 GT Low Mount Blog
For example here we have this Toyota Prius that would require a 90° AIM9 GT low stands  as you can see on the trunk shape.

SSWORXS img_1442 AIM9 GT Low Mount Blog
Here’s a few more close-ups so you can see the angles on it

SSWORXS img_1443 AIM9 GT Low Mount Blog
Here is the back shop so you can see the mounting locations and also all

All AIM9 GT come with mounting hardware.